Pacific Region

  • Fiji & Tonga ITMB

    The many islands of Fiji are a beachcomber's paradise and as a 'get-away-from-it-all' vacation…


  • Kokoda Trail Map Carto Graphics

    Double-sided sheet map featuring the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea, one side showing the…


  • New Guinea ITMB

    The South Pacific island of New Guinea is divided between two countries, the Republic of Papua New…


  • Papua New Guinea Hema

    A country map of Papua New Guinea at an overview scale of 1:2,167,000. Included is a town and island…


  • Samoa ITMB

    The independant Western Samoa islands of Savai'i and Upolu are shown together, the Amercian Samoa…


  • South Pacific Islands Nelles

    The islands of the South Pacific on a double-sided map from Nelles provides, on separate panels…


  • Vanuatu CartoTech

    Vanuatu is comprised of a chain of  around 80 volcanic islands stretching across 1300 km of the…


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