Australia Road & 4WD Hema Easy Read Atlas


Hema's Australia Easy Read Road & 4WD Atlas features the comprehensive Hema mapping that’s filled with relevant touring information. Pinpointed on the mapping are caravan parks, camping and rest areas, 24-hour fuel, roadhouses, overnight camps, points of interest and more. This atlas has 15% larger lettering and 33% larger pages than the Australia Road & 4WD Atlas.

The new edition contains more mapping than ever before, with a new easy-to-read cartographic style. Included in this edition is up-to-date mapping for Australia’s biggest 4WD destinations: Cape York, Fraser Island, the Top End, the Kimberley, the Pilbara, Central Australia, High Country Victoria and the Flinders Ranges. Maps to cover busy coastal strips have also been added.

13th Edition

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