Best River & Alpine Walks Around Mt Kosciuszko


One of the world's outstanding national parks, the largest in New South Wales and home to continental Australia's highest Peak, Kosciuszko National Park covers 690,000 hectares, and its features include the Snowy River, alpine herbfields, limestone caves and gorges, and historic huts and homesteads. Matt McClelland, founder of www.wildwalks.com.au, takes us on an enriching tour of over 40 of the very best walks the region has to offer. Like all our walking guides, the book includes full- colour photography and maps, easy-to-follow instructions and great local information. Chapters: Thredbo, Alpine Way, Geehi, Khancoban To Cabramurra Rd, Kosciuszko Rd, Charlotte Pass, Guthega and Snow shoe walks.

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