Birdsville Track Guide


Driving the Birdsville Track is still one of the outback's greatest adventures.  The track began during the 1880's as the main stock route from Birdsville to Maree.  It is a gateway to the 'Corner Country' accessed via the Simpson Desert and renowned for the Diamantina River, the Birdsville Hotel and the Birdsville Races.  The diversity of the country between the four deserts, Tirari, Strzelecki, Sturt Stoney & Simpson, contrasted by the wetlands of the Clayton River, Cooper Creek and mungerannie - the hills at Mungerannie Gap and the steaming hot bores - highlights the imagination of life during the early pioneering days.

Sectioned maps will help you find everything of interest along the track and point out potential road cautions in advance to benefit your safety.  Also includes enlarged sections of track, track notes, elevations, specific land marks, emergency uhf radio channels, contact details and more!

Edition 2

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