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Colourful political map showing ferry routes, high speed rail lines, regular rail lines, motorways and major highways, and all significant urban areas. Double sided.

It has the new 'fast train' network. Much of this consists of extensions to the line already in place.  Included is the east-west link through London, which is still under construction, but not the future line to Birmingham.  In France, the western portion of the line to Caen is open, but not the link to Paris. The Spanish system is mostly in place and Italy is now completed as far south as Salerno. Connecting links betweeen countries is mostly a future hope. The regular rail system is shown in black and is quite extensive.  The motorway and main road networks of Europe are included, but the strength of this map is its emphasis upon train travel.  An additional feature of this map is a side panel that shows each country's flags, shows where it 'fits' into Europe, what its car decal designation is, its capital, its area, and its population.

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