Map Wheel Scalex


Fast, accurate electronic distance measurement for any scale map with the Scalex MapWheel™. Select the built-in scale factor to match the map and roll the MapWheel. The measurement is displayed instantly. 

Protective case included *

  • Accuracy: 0.25%
  • Batteries: 2 x AAA (included)
  • Rugged roller wheel for accurate measurement
  • Audible beeper indicates wheel motion
  • Easy-to-read display shows length, count and scale factor simultaneously
  • 19 built-in user scale factors including all common map scales
  • Measures in miles, kilometers and nautical miles
  • Counter and adder buttons on probe tip let you count stops made or add fixed destination lengths as you measure
  • Create, store and retrieve user scale factors
  • Automatic shut-off assures long battery life

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