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An invaluable source of information in a dynamic, interconnected world, the National Geographic's Atlas of the World, 10th Edition features authoritative, updated maps and beautifully illustrated contemporary themes in a large format designed to showcase the art and science of modern cartography.  The newest edition of National Geographic's most prestigious and authoritative reference atlas once again delivers valuable information to help us understand our increasingly interconnected world. Contemporary global themes such as population trends, urbanisation, health and longevity, human migration, climate change, global communications, and the world economy are explained with illustrated maps and informational graphics.  The core of any atlas is the reference mapping section and the 10th Edition has the largest and most comprehensive collection of political maps ever published by National Geographic. This completely updated mapping section has been expanded by 16 pages and features new maps for Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales, three detailed regional maps of Australia, expanded coverage of Africa, and a map of the strategically important area around the Mediterranean Sea encompassing North Africa and Southern Europe. In addition, there are special sections dedicated to the Oceans, Space, and Flags and Facts. These are followed by an expanded index, with over 150,000 place-names. Constructed of the highest-quality materials and presented in a large format that makes this atlas a centrepiece to gather around, the 10th Edition is the perfect reference tool for explaining how the present and past continually collide in today's fast-paced world.  300+ maps, 250+ graphs and charts, 75 colour photos

10th Edition    326mm x 490mm x 38mm   4.680k   Hardback   

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