Outback New South Wales Track Guide


Mapping of Outback New South Wales is broken into stripmaps that are designed for traversing the tracks in this area. Includes enlarged sections, track notes, elevations, land marks, contact details & relevant touring symbols

Outback New South Wales is a doorway to the Australian Outback. Its diversity from red sand dunes along the dog fence to the opal mines of White Cliffs, rugged Jump-up country and sculptured weathering of Lake Mungo, offer the traveller many unique landscapes. History rich communities, the famous Silverton township in recent years making its mark with the Australian Film Industry and the enticing Corner Country, all encourage the traveller to explore this terrain. There are many Station properties that offer accommodation and the local people are friendly and welcoming. Broken Hill is the major metropolis of this region, inspiring in history and artistic endeavours and a gateway to all aspects of Outback NSW including several National Parks.

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