Switzerland National Geographic Adventure


This NGS Switzerland map includes cities and towns which are clearly indicated and easy to find in the user-friendly index.  A road network complete with distances and designations for roads, motorways, expressways, and secondary routes will help you find your route. It contains specialty content including hundreds of diverse and unique recreational, ecological, cultural, and historical destinations.  Botanical gardens, campsites, archeological sites, castles, caves, scenic viewpoints and golf courses are among the many points of interest noted.

The eastern half of the country from the city of Luzern east is shown on the front side of the print map, from the border with Germany to the north, Austria to the east and Italy to the south.  The reverse side covers Luzern to the western border with France.  The locations of airports, airfields, railroads, border crossings, and car ferries take the guesswork out of travel around the country.  Selected filling stations, hotels, restaurants, and snackbars are also marked for travelers seeking additional resources.

Printed on durable synthetic paper, making it waterproof, tear-resistant and tough — capable of withstanding the rigors of international travel.

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