Cote d'Azur French Riviera Freytag & Berndt


Côte d'Azur @ 1:150,000 from Freytag & Berndt with street plans of central Nice, Menton, Monte Carlo, Cannes, St. Tropez and Toulon plus a booklet attached to the cover with brief descriptions of 10 selected places of interest all highlighted on the map.

Relief is portrayed by hill-shading.  Road network includes information indispensable for happy holiday driving, motorway service stations and motels, restricted entry for cars or caravans, scenic roads and special tourist routes, etc.  Railway lines and selected long-distance GR routes are also shown.

Towns and villages of particular interest are highlighted.  Symbols indicate various landmarks, places of interest and facilities, e.g. archaeological sites, churches and castles, campsites and youth hostels, etc.  Coverage extends northwards to include most of the Grand Canyon du Verdon.  Latitude and longitude lines are drawn at 10' intervals.

A separate booklet attached to the map cover has an index listing all the localities with their postcodes, plus brief descriptions of 10 main places of interest, all highlighted on the map.  Also included are street plan of central Nice, Menton, Monte Carlo, Cannes, St. Tropez and Toulon.

Map legend and the notes include English.

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