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This map of Europe, Middle East & Central Aisa @ 1:5,500,000 by Freytag & Berndt has the Mediterranean coast of Africa and parts of the Middle East and Central Asia, extending out to Novosibirsk, Tashkent and Dubai – please see the coverage image as the title suggests a wider coverage than actually shown on the map.

Within Europe names of countries and cities are given in their original versions (Österreich/Wien, Polska/Warszawa, etc); elsewhere country names are in English but cities as in the country itself (Dimashq, Al Qahira, etc).  Each country also has its international car plates abbreviation.  In countries using alphabets other than Latin, all place names are shown transliterated.

The map shows the network of principal and selected secondary roads, many with driving distances, main railway lines, ferry connections and numerous local airports.  Topography is indicated by spot heights and in desert areas wells are marked.  The index is on the reverse and is arranged by country. Multilingual map legend includes English.

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