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Italy @ 1:800,000 is a double-sided, indexed road map from the country’s premier map publishers, Touring Club Italiano, with wide coverage of the adjoining regions, prominent highlighting of interesting locations and national parks, etc.

The map provides excellent coverage of the neighbouring regions: in the west extending to Grenoble and Toulon; in the north covering the whole of Switzerland, German Alps, Tyrol and southern Austria as far as Salzburg; in the east the whole of Slovenia, plus northern Croatia including Zagreb and the Adriatic coast up to Split.  Coverage on the northern side extends well beyond Rome, with the southern side starting north of the capital in Terni and Pescara.

Italy’s motorway network distinguishes between routes with and without tolls.  Other roads are clearly classified and driving distances are indicated on many local routes.  Scenic roads are highlighted.  The map also shows railway lines, local airports and ferry connections to the islands.  Picturesque towns and villages are prominently highlighted and graded into those of particular or considerable interest.  Symbols indicate other places of interest such as monasteries or pilgrimage churches, archaeological sites, etc.  The map also shows location of selected campsites and youth hostels.

Topography is shown by subtle relief shading. National parks are prominently highlighted. The index is in a separate booklet attached to the map cover. Map legend includes English.

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