Somalia & Horn of Africa ITMB


This map of Somalia & Horn of Africa by ITMB @ 1:1,700,000 & 1:3,400,000 is double sided.

On one side is Somalia with the area around Mogadishu prefering to call itself Somalia but controls only a portion of the overall country area.  Then there is Jubaland, on the Kenyan border, aligned very closely to the former Italian colony boundaries of the same name.  Truly, an amazing juxtaposition of countries within countries! 

The reverse side of the sheet presents a vey interesting regional perspective of the area between the northern border of Ethiopia, a small portion of Sudan and a reasonable portion of South Sudan, all of Uganda, most of Kenya, all of Djibouti and a fair portion of Eritrea, as well as the former Aden portion of war-torn Yemen.  The strategic island of Socotra is in the upper right corner.   A most interesting part of the world with Socotra guards and controls access to the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea, leading to the Suez Canal.  How can anyone not be captivated by such wonderfully exotic names as Hargeysa, Boosaaso, or Kismayyo?   Somalia and the region of the Horn remain crucially important to world peace.

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