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The 3DX is designed to provide the best off-roading experience with functionality such as 3D Vector maps, tracklog recording, waypoints planting etc. It also comes with basic street navigation to provide user with directions to get out of the bush and back to the city/towns.

Current features include av 8" Easy to use touch screen, real-time 3D (Street and off navigation), 3D vector maps with elevation profile to guide you through any terrain, offline support with the in-built GPS , preloaded CAMPS11 Premium POIs with Caravan Park 6, display and overlay your favorite raster maps, highly accurate location services with Mutli-GNSS support, navigation assistance on bush tracks - spoken turn by turn directions on any track, track log (breadcrumb trail) recording, auto on/off with vehicle, two-finger hold feature to instantly see distance between two points, VMS WiFi Reversing Camera support NEW & Traffic safety camera alerts NEW 

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