Everest & Himalaya ITMB


This map of Everst & Himalaya by ITMB is double-sided with two differing covers.

One side of the map has Everest (the mountain itself) @ 1:90,000 with base camps and accommodations clearly shown.  There are actually several interesting trails one could explore and all are shown with only one leading to the summit.

The reserve side shows the entire Himalaya 'knot' that forms the basis for so many mountain chains and is @ 1:1,330,000.  The area of coverage includes all of Nepal and Sikkim, a significant portion of Bhutan, most of Tibet and a bit of northern India.  All roads and attractions are shown.  The map includes a detailed inset map for Kathmandu and another for the valley region surrounding the city.  There are now half a dozen access roads into Nepal and all are shown.  East-west travel is finally available with the completion of Hwy 1401.

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