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This map of Finland by Marco Polo @ 1:800,000 is a double sided printed map on tear-resistant, water repellent and writeable paper, designed to withstand the rigors of the road, will guide you around this stunning country from Finland’s epic wilderness to its delightful cities.  It folds away easily and is always on standby to help when you're stuck.  Its superbly clear mapping in strong colours and easy to read text will help you navigate the country like a local.

Highlights are major sights and key points of interest which are marked on the map by numbered stars.  Further information about these key sights can be downloaded via a QR code where you’ll find a brief description to help you pick the best places to see en-route.  Inspirational routes with beautiful scenery are included on the map to guide you through your adventure.  

Its thorough index, also included on the QR code, is fully cross-referenced to the map to help you pinpoint your destination quickly

For the big trips and the little detours, trust Marco Polo's clear mapping and thorough index to guide you around Finland.

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