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This NGS City Destination map of Paris is a complete travel guide with valuable information not found in traditional maps.  One side presents an easy-to-read map of the city with its road network and features 3D depictions of many attractions, like Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower and The Louvre.  Hundreds of points of interest are displayed with the aid of a multi-language legend, including metro and train stations, hotels, parks, hospitals, police stations, places of worship, theaters and pedestrian areas.

The reverse side has a regional map and descriptions of the city, many popular attractions and the transit system.  A user-friendly index of streets, metro stations, hotels and points of interest along with a metro map and diagrams of Charles de Gaulle and Orly Airports will help you arrive at your destination.

Printed on durable synthetic paper, making it waterproof, tear-resistant and tough — capable of withstanding the rigors of international travel.

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