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Southern Italy @ 1:500,000 from the TCI is a double-sided map printed on light, waterproof and tear-resistant plastic paper.  Designed to stress the network of motorways and main connecting routes, the map also highlights numerous scenic roads and the country’s national parks.  Coverage extends south from Rome and includes Sicily and Sardinia.

Plain white base without any shading makes the road network stand out better, and yet the map carries a large amount of topographic information, not just in the Alps or the Dolomites but throughout the whole country with spot heights and names of numerous mountain ranges and peaks.  National parks are prominently coloured.

Road network stresses motorways but also highlights numerous scenic routes, clearly indicating by their density the most beautiful parts of the country.  A range of small symbols, not as prominent as on some tourist-orientated maps but still clear to see on the plain background, marks various places of interest, including architectural and cultural heritage, archaeological sites, natural curiosities, parks and gardens, etc.  Map legend includes English.

Comes in its own protective clear plastic sleeve

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