Yucatan and the Mayan Region Belize Michelin 185 Zoom


This Michelin Zoom Map of the Yucatan & Mayan Region is the ideal travel companion to fully explore this destination thanks to its easy-to-use format and its scale of 1:700,000 - detailed scale, specially adapted for very touristy areas or with a high density road network, including new developments and industrial areas.  It includes a wealth of practical information - places and monuments of tourist interest, picturesque tours, areas for sports and leisure activities. Useful plans of cities and a practical index of localities. Also places of interest and signposting of tracks for bicycles and green-ways. Perfect to discover major tourist areas, with a high level of details in an easy to use format. They also include various leisure activities, such as water parks, tourist trains, horse racing, etc, scenic routes and tourist sights crossed referenced with the Michelin's Green Guides, camping sites information from Michelin's Camping Guides & Hotel information from the Michelin Guides

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